About Us

At Pitbull Safety, we take pride in ourselves for providing you the best safety products from head to toe;all under one roof as you deserve the best. Pitbull Safety Group can offer years of accumulated experiences and know-how to our clients, persisting on “Quality First” simultaneously with competitive prices and outstanding service.

Pitbull products are designed as much for comfort and style as they are for safety and durability. We are focused on delivering safety products that ooze style; safety that meets European Standards while ensuring our prices stay competitive with industry trends. Pitbull Safety promises to deliver you what you need, when you need it.

At Pitbull, we are serious about the way you think of safety wear. If your needs for safety, comfort, quality & style are paramount then Pitbull is the brand for you.Our team of experts look forward to assist you with your workplace and safety needs – come in and experience our service today!