Shoes Care

  1. Reinforced area for Extra Safety.
  2. No Slip on style use.
  3. Cement, Chemical, Silica, Dirt, Acid, Alkali etc.. deposited on the natural leather damage, open-up the molding.
  4. Don’t hit the shoe on hard surface.
  5. Don’t soak the shoe in water
  6. Periodic cleaning will give maximum comfort and long life.
  7. Always keep the insole clean and dry.

  • Check the presence of the steel toecap and midsole antiperforation plate before using.
  • Avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight.
  • Clean the boot with neutral detergent.
  • Due to several factors such as moisture, storage, temperature etc. it is not possible to fix the valid time of use.
  • Boots are packed in cartons and cartons have to be stored in dry place with room temperature.